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Beyond the False Dichotomy is the name of the whole program. 


The first conference, Beyond the False Dichotomy: Ending the Shareholder v Stakeholder Nonsense. It will explore why it is a false dichotomy, that was born of a narrative that came to dominate, and how this happened. It will also explore the damage it causes and make the case for a need to move beyond it.   

To move beyond the false dichotomy, we will need a new narrative. We will need to ensure it is widely understood and accepted. Exploring what the new narrative should be and how to achieve these objectives will be the focus of the second conference, Beyond the False Dichotomy: Shifting the Narrative.

To fix the damage caused by the false dichotomy and the old narrative, a new narrative will need to be accompanied by a clear understanding of what needs to change and how to cultivate the changes the new narrative will stimulate. Ending the False Dichotomy: Cultivating Changes will be the focus of the third conference.

To ensure the shift is long-lasting, and will lead to sustainable widely shared prosperity measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing, the focus of the final conference will be Beyond the False Dichotomy: Lessons in Longevity and Stewardship from companies that are managed for, and have been able to achieve, long-term success.

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