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Full Conference Recordings Now Available

The full recording of the first Beyond the False Dichotomy conference, Ending the Shareholder v Stakeholder Nonsense, is now available in two parts. Featuring a great line-up of speakers:

The first part includes four presentations by Judy Samuelson Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Business in Society Program. Charlotte Valeur CEO of the Global Governance Group and the most recent former chair of the Institute of Directors (IoD) George Dallas Head of Policy at the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) Paul Barnett Founder & CEO of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy.

The second part included two more presentations. One by John Kay, economist, author and contributor to the Financial Times, and one by Martin Reeves, Chairman of BCG Henderson Institute and Senior Vice-President of Boston Consulting group.

The formal presentations were followed by a discussion between Lars Rebien Sorensen and Paul Barnett, during which Lars reflected upon what he had heard based on his own experiences as Chair of the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the former CEO of Novo Nordisk.

The second part of the recording includes the Q&A session for the whole conference and was attended by all the speakers.

Only one scheduled speaker, Dr Roger Barker, was unable to attend the conference, due to ill health. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he will be able to join us for one of the future conferences in the series.

The recordings can be accessed by attendees that bought the £10 ticket. Or access can be purchased now for £10. The charge also includes access to the private LinkedIn group focused on the conference series where discussions will continue. It also includes a pre-ordered copy of the forthcoming Enlightened Enterprise Manifesto.

To get a sense of what the speakers were talking about you can access the short pre-conference interviews free of charge.

The presentation I made, as Founder and CEO of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy, is also available free of charge. In it I talk about "The Purpose of Business and the Meaning of Value", and introduce "The Implications for Businesses and their Stakeholders." I then make two propositions that introduce the idea of "A New Theory of Value" and the need for a "New Enlightenment."

The ideas in my presentation are also discussed in a recent article: What Do You Mean by Value? Introducing a Dignity Theory of Value."

Three more conferences are scheduled as part of the Beyond the False Dichotomy series:

May 17th

Shifting the Narrative

July 12th

Cultivating Changes

September 20th

Lessons in Longevity & Stewardship

Full details are available on the Beyond the False Dichotomy website

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