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October 26th

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Long-Lived companies never debate the pros and cons of a shareholder v stakeholder focus. They know it is a false dichotomy. Their focus is the long-term success of the business itself, and that means creating value for all stakeholders, including shareholders, and doing so equitably (not equally), over time. They adopt a stewardship mindset.

Three speakers will explore what that means for today's businesses in practical terms - from how to engage stakeholders and understand what value means to them; through to the implications of that for the way businesses are governed, managed and organised; And why these changes are essential if our collective 21st Century challenges are to be addressed, and can become great business opportunities.

All three speakers have new books recently published, or about to be published. More importantly, they have deep knowledge and can offer practical thinking. They are: 
Martin ReevesChristian Stadler, and Elliot S. Schreiber


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